A guide like no other: In 2014, the author, who hadn’t been on a bike in 30 years, resolved to cycle 180km in a single day.  To insure against permanent bodily harm, he began training “along the banks of the Royal Canal”, the Irish inland waterway made famous by Brendan Behan’s song “The Auld Triangle”

In addition to a path to fitness he found a window into Ireland’s history, heart and soul. He also just happened upon what will become one of Europe’s finest greenay CYCLING trails.  Now you too can Journey down the canal with this excellent guide covering all the travel necessities as well as answering some truly offbeat questions (What’s a squib and why do we care if it’s damp?)

Include route guides, maps, photos of major landmarks and references food and lodging for the Royal Canal Way.

247 pages, full colour, paperback.  240x170x15mm