Driftwood: From the Shannon to the Marne – By Harry Sheehy

This is the wonderful adventure story of a boat called Driftwood. It’s not a trip to the North Pole or a climb to the peak of Mount Everest. This is the every man’s adventure. It is within the of all of us to go on a voyage of this kind and it is that fact that makes Driftwood such a compelling read. After spending three years planning this trip the author grabs the bull by the horns and with no real idea what he is doing he points the sharp end of his boat out into the Atlantic Ocean. Some days things go well and some days they don’t but every day is an adventure. The story is told with humor and with humility The crew of Driftwood have to grapple with bad weather, engine trouble as well as the occasional bad pint of Guinness. After crossing the Celtic Sea and the Channel they enter the French Inland Waterways and the true adventure really begins. Harry describes the characters he met along the way in his own gripping style.