The Shannon Navigation by Ruth Delany. Paperback

The Shannon Navigation traces the history of the River Shannon as a navigation up to the present day from the 1750’s when the early works were commenced under the Commissioners of Inland Navigation and subsequently under the Directors General of Inland Navigation. It traces the early routes, the development of the navigation through the turbulent late 18th century and the massive improvements undertaken during the early and middle 19th century , much of which was to provide work for the poor. The decline of the navigation in the interwar and postwar years is covered as is the campaigns by the IWAI and others to retain the navigation, and its extraordinary resurgence as Ireland’s premier leisure navigation in more recent times Lavishly illustrated with over 250 photographs and illustrations, many not published before, this magnificent documentary history is the most authoritative and complete text on the Shannon navigation. Paperback, 300 pages, 250 photos and illustrations, tables, appendices. Published by Lilliput press in association with Waterways Ireland. Now reduced to €27.00