Float to the Fleadh

Our flagship event of the 2020BC was to be Float to the Fleadh, we had hoped this would take place in 2021 but those plans had to be scrapped too. It is intended to roll out the 2020sBC as soon as allowed, hopefully in 2022, but we will see. Float to the Fleadh can only happen in Mullingar if the Fleadh is again awarded to Mullingar, we’ll wait and see.


2021 Events

We may have a couple of small boat rallies this year. They will be small unofficial gatherings keeping within the restricted numbers for outdoor gatherings. As the summer progresses we will reassess as conditions change.


The 2020sBC (big cruise)

The brainchild of IWAI Dublin, the 2020sBC was a wonderful plan to attract more traffic onto the canals and Barrow throughout a single season. By joining the 2020sBC and cruising to whichever event(s) on the list takes your fancy, it was hoped to significantly increase traffic on the Canals and Barrow Line. There would be support for anyone new to canals cruising, so you could explore the canals in confidence. Start with one event and hopefully add several more! As already mentioned, when Covid restrictions allow, we hope to roll out the year-long schedule of events.


HBA planning to winter on the Royal, 2021-2022

Current plans are for a group of Heritage Boat Association vessels to winter in GCD Dublin this coming winter. Presumably vessels will travel to Dublin by both canals. On the Royal, we will link with and support the flotilla and hopefully host some event(s) along the way.


Google Trekker on the Royal

If Covid is keeping you away from the waterways remember you can view the Shannon River and Royal Canal virtually on Google Maps. Waterways Ireland recorded footage of these waterways in the recent past with the Google Trekker. The river Shannon was mapped creating ‘River View’, now we also have a ‘Royal View’. Simply log on to Google Maps and drag the Street View icon (the little man in the corner of the screen) onto the image of the canal anywhere along it’s length. You can then move forward, backward or rotate your view.

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