lightscameraactionIWAI is pleased to launch an annual video competition for IWAI Branch Teams. The theme and story of the video should promote and be about the activities of The IWAI Today but can be about any topic that the IWAI or its branches facilitates or participate in: rallies, restoration projects, etc.
Videos should be 5mins or less in duration and must be submitted by a team of at least 2 people who are either personal or family members of the IWAI. There is no maximum on the number of team members but at least 50% of the team must be under 18 years of age before the competition close date. The prize worth €400 will be awarded to the winning branch and team. A branch can enter more than one team.
Entry form and full rules and release form are available on the IWAI website
Closing date for entry is 1 March 2019 with prize announced at 2019 AGM.
Participants (main characters/actors) will need to have signed a release form and members under 18 should have the permission of a parent or guardian.
Any music used in the video must be copyright free.
Any questions please contact Colman Byrne:


Colman Byrne

IWAI Webmaster

Competition Documents

Video Competition Entry Form
Video Release Form
Video Competition Rules