The East Clare Way Limited has developed a number of circular walks. These start and finish at towns and villages along the East Clare Way. Their pamphlet Walks in the Whitegate District includes descriptions of three road walks that start at Whitegate. Slightly edited versions of those walk descriptions are provided below.

First the Dromaan and Williamstown Walk is described. It is based on the walks in the pamphlet, includes a number of options, and may be started at Dromaan Harbour or Williamstown Harbour. Depending on the combination chosen, the length of the walk can be as little as 8 km and 2 hrs or as much as 23km and almost 6 hrs.

Nearby Walks . . 
  Upstream . . 
         Portumna Forest Park 
       Opposite shore . . 
            At Dromineer: 
            Lough Derg Way 
            Sli Eala 
       Into Scariff Bay . . 
At Mountshannon 
  Downstream . . 

Waterway Walks
Walks by Lough Derg – Dromaan and Williamstown Walk
* * 


Ordnance Survey of Ireland, Discovery Series 1:50,000
– Map 53, From Shannon Harbour to just north of Whitegate.
including small part of East Clare Way.
Required for two short sections of walks from Whitegate.

– Map 59, Central Lough Derg including Williamstown,
Whitegate, Dromineer, and Garrykennedy


This page was developed from a pamphlet published by East Clare Way Limited. The material has been adapted slightly to focus more precisely on the needs of boating folks. The permission of East Clare Way Limited to publish extracts from the pamphlet is gratefully acknowledged. Particular thanks are due to Stasia Moroney for her assistance in the project to include East Clare walks in the IWAI Walks pages, Frank Reid for providing the original walk descriptions and advising on their adaptation to the Web, and to Gerry Burke for his helpful advice.

A link to a copy of the map in the pamphlet published by East Clare Way Limited is provided in the right-hand column.

Start at Williamstown Harbour (R781884) or Dromaan Harbour (R779881). In both cases walk to the road and turn left. Walk to the junction at R750884. Those starting at Williamstown Harbour will find the road turns west after a short distance and passes close to Dromaan Harbour. At the junction at R750884 you are presented with at least three options:

    1. The Williamstown Walk. Turn right, walk into the village, and return to your starting point following the Williamstown Walk (8 km; 2 hrs)
    2. The Auld Road extension. Turn right, walk into the village, and follow the Auld Road Walk as far as the Ash Tree crossroads (R767900). Continue straight on. You have now rejoined the Williamstown Walk. Follow the road back to your starting point. (11 km; 2.75 hrs)
    3. The Clonrush, Meelick Bay, Cregg Walk extension. Turn left and follow the Clonrush, Meelick Bay, Cregg Walk. This ends in the village. Return to your starting point following options (1) or (2) above. This walk may be shortened by:
      • Omitting the walk from Meelick Cross (R752880) to the bay referred to as Meelick Bay, Church Bay, and Clonrush Bay depending on which map or walk description you reference. This saves about 3km.
      • Turning right at the crossroads at R738882 and following the main Scariff to Portumna road back to Whitegate. This saves about 3km.

(Depending on options selected 14 to 23 km; 3.5 to 6 hrs)

Map published by East Clare Way Limited

Auld Road Walk
(Marked with red arrows)

7 km; 1.75 hr; Start: Map 59 R750890
A pleasant walk on country roads with attractive views of Lough Derg.

The walk starts at the top of the village between the White House Inn and Maple Bar. Follow the road north for just over 2 km to Dereney Cross (R750915). This stretch of road is locally known as Sarsfield’s Walk. Along this route you will pass a lone crab apple tree which was once the site of a hedge school run by local schoolmaster Jacky Collins. At Dereney Bridge you will see Dereney Kyle, an ancient burial site. The name Dereney itself – Doire Aon Oiche – The Oak Wood which sprang up overnight suggests saintly miraculous power or an even earlier druidic presence.

Retrace your steps a few metres from the bridge, take the left fork and follow the road to Ash Tree Cross (R767900). You will pass Lough Alewnaghta on your left.

This area has an interesting flora and fauna, for example Royal Fern (Osmunda Regalis).

At Ash Tree Cross, turn right and and follow the road back to the village. On your left you will pass the old forge and local primary school.

Williamstown Walk
(Marked with green arrows)

8 km; 2 hr; Start: Map 59 R750890
A pleasant walk on country roads with attractive views of Lough Derg.

Leave Whitegate village heading north. At Tracey’s shop at the top of the hill (R750890), turn right. Continue for almost 1 km. On your right you will see Whitegate National School, built 1909. Next point of interest is the old forge on your right. Continue on. You will come to a Y-junction (R764893). Turn left and continue to Ash Tree Cross (R767900). Take a right for Williamstown. As you walk along here you will pass an ancient burial site known as Cappagh Kyle. You will then come to the Shannon Castle Line Marina and Williamstown Harbour (R781884). Shortly afterwards the road turns west and passes close to Dromaan Harbour (R779881). This stretch affords scenic views of Lough Derg and the Tipperary Hills.

Continue walking towards the village. Approaching the T-junction at R750884 you will see Glebe House on your right and also the village creamery. Turn right at the junction and walk the short distance back to the village.

Clonrush, Meelick Bay, Cregg Walk
(Marked with blue arrows)

12 km; 4 hr; Start: Map 59 R750890
A pleasant walk on country roads with attractive views of Lough Derg.

Heading south out of the village, take a left turn at the Post Office. Pass the creamery on your left. Turn left at the second junction opposite The Nightingale pub (R749884). Continue for 400 m to a Y-junction (Meelick Cross R752880).

Keep left and continue to Clonrush Bay (also marked Meelick Bay and Church Bay depending on the map referenced), a distance of a little more than 1 km. Clonrush Cemetery is passed on the way. Having paused to admire the scenic view and visit the ancient cemetery, return to the Y-junction at Meelick Cross.

Turn left at the junction and travel for 800 m to a T-junction (R746872). Turn left and walk the short distance to the lake. This sandy shore area is a favourite playground for local families. Life saving and swimming classes are held here annually.

Among the islands you will see from here is Crane Island (R753866) where you may see some of the many cranes that nest there.

Retrace your steps to the T-junction (R746872) and continue straight ahead. After about 200 m you pass an old forge on your right.

Continue to the crossroad (R739882) and proceed straight ahead across the Mountshannon to Whitegate road. Proceed to the junction with the Upper Line road (R733886) where you turn right.

Continue to Cregg Cross (R740901) and again turn right. This whole area has interesting flora and fauna. From here follow the road in a south-easterly direction back to the village. On the way you pass Cregg Lake and, closer to the village, the local hurling field and childrens playground.