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Waterway Walks
Index of Walks by Lough Ree 

Walks by Lough Ree in downstream sequence:

Office of the Admiralty
– Chart 5078. 1844. Lough Ree.
CAUTION: This chart has not been corrected since first date of publication and should be used with caution.

Ordnance Survey of Ireland, Discovery Series 1:50,000
– Map 40, Lough Forbes to Cribby Islands, Lough Ree
– Map 47, Cribby Islands, Lough Ree to below Shannonbridge

The need for two OS maps contrasts with the excellent situation on the Erne where each of the lakes is covered by a single 1:25000 series map i.e., a total of two maps covers two large lakes. The maps of Lough Erne provide significantly more detail including submarine contours and navigation details. Hopefully a map of similar quality covering Lough Ree will be published shortly.

* *

3.5 km; 1 hr; Start: Map 40 M960602
On paths, roads and shore by farmland 
A pleasant rural walk around Cruit Point. Leaving the jetty, turn left and follow the shore to Cruit Point. It is possible to continue some distance along the north shore of Galey Bay. At any point, turn and walk back to the jetty. In the past it was possible to cross the peninsula by walking south along the lane just to the left of the pub when viewed from the jetty and walking back to the jetty by following the shore. The route across the peninsula is shown on the ordnance survey map. In September 2002 we were unable to find the route to the south shore of the peninsula and believe it has been made inaccessible to walkers.


(Quaker Is.)

* * *

Up to 4km; 1 hr; Start: Map 40 M996593
Cross country by farmland & shore; Historic – Monastic 
One of the more interesting waterway walks in Ireland. Only accessible by dingy. The monastic remains are amongst the most important on the waterway. Only those at Clonmacnoise are more extensive. A very enjoyable and peaceful place to visit on a bright fresh day with a light breeze blowing. To fully enjoy this walk read one of the short descriptions of the island’s history that are included in many books and guides about the Shannon and study a map of the island.

The Clogas on Inchcleraun

Barley Harbour
* *

Up to 10km; 2.5 hrs; Start: Map 40 N016576
On roads by farmland; Pleasant architecture. Cultural 
It is dangerous to approach Barley Harbour by boat in certain weather conditions or without a good knowledge of the navigation in the vicinity of the harbour. For those with local knowledge, Barley Harbour is one of the most delightful and peaceful places to visit on Lough Ree. A few minutes spent studying Map 40 will suggest a couple of possible walks. Newtown Cashel (N042597), the nearest village, is 5 km away. Much nearer and well worth a visit is Michael Casey’s studio. Many will enjoy his excellent bog oak carvings. Michael’s studio is located about five minutes walk from the harbour (N018575). Others will find interest in the fine stone walls and the design of the small group of bungalows to the east of the harbour.

By Barley Harbour

* * *

2 km; 0.5 hrs; Start: Map 40 N006544
Cross country by farmland & shore & woods. Historic 

Another fascinating place to visit. Best approached from Safe Harbour (provided the wind is not blowing from the east). Go ashore by dingy. Rindoon Castle is well worth a visit. The Castle was built in the thirteenth century. After visiting the Castle the next challenge is to find the ruined windmill in the woods to the south of the Castle. Next head north-west along the north-east shore of Carrownure Bay and visit the Town Wall. As you return towards your dingy along the shore of St John’s Bay contemplate what a visit to the peninsula would have been like when it was a thriving early Norman town. 

Occasionally we have anchored in Carrownure Bay at about M999543 and gone ashore by dingy on the west shore of the peninsula. To approach, follow the main navigation channel to a position south of red buoy number 4 from which you have a clear view of the Bay lying to the north-west. Then, using Admiralty Chart 5078 and the depth sounder for guidance, motor slowly into Carrownure Bay and choose a point at which to anchor.

We have anchored in Carrownure Bay on a number of occasions and so far we have not encountered a problem. That said, we would only attempt this in good weather, with the aid of the Admiralty chart and a depth sounder, and at very low revs.

The Heritage Council has published a report Rindoon, Co. Roscommon: A Management Plan. Section 2 of this report is of particular relevance. It includes extensive information for on-line viewing about Rindoon and a number of detailed maps and diagrams. See youtube presentation on Left

Rindoon Castle

At Carrownure Bay

* * * *

5 km; 1.25 hrs; Start: Map 47 N060498
On paths & roads by woods & farmland; Historic 
A wonderful walk exploring the wooded glades and farmlands of Portlick and the Whinning peninsula. Most of the walk is close to the lake shore. Return by Portlick Castle. Arguably the most enjoyable walk by Lough Ree. Visit the page.
See Separate Walk Page
Hodson’s Bay
* *

Up to 4 km; 1 hr; Start: Map 47 N009463
On roads by golf course & shore 
For a pleasant stroll before dinner leave the harbour at Hodson’s Bay and follow the road south west to the main road (N61) at N002453. Return, pass the harbour, and continue to the caravan park at N011469. Return to the harbour.